CettiWorks 12-19-2019

Today is a proud day. It’s difficult to juggle work, family and school. Our own Richard Irvine has proven that determination and dedication always pays off. Please wish him well as he is now the guru of security – achieving his masters degree in Cyber Security!


We are wishing everyone a fantastic holiday and a wonderful start to a new year. 2019 had many wonderful changes and exciting opportunities. We are excited to move in to the new year with all our wonderful partners!

CettiWorks 1-12-2018

2018 brings lots of hope, new missions and visions to the CettiWorks team! CettiWorks is an automation platform with a built-in network of expert team members to provide custom integrated solutions.  The web portals we make come with a robust suite of features designed to help you manage and execute your content, data and quality assurance initiatives at scale.  Software and tech companies like Admiral Security Services, Hoist and Crane, Draught Pro, Hudson and Oak International and Capstone are using our platform to complete a wide variety of projects, from content creation and data collection to quality assurance and customer support.  They see a bright future with us and are excited to continue their growth with us.  We provide a scalable way to ensure our website users that they could easily browse the inventory available at specific places with the help of advanced technologies like NoSQL(MongoDB), Kendo UI, AWS which are all booming techs right now in the industry.  Apart from this, our company possess great emotion and human connection because as a company we sincerely care about people and society.

Happy 2018 to all of you!


Cettiworks News Update: 10/13/17

CettiWorks has been constantly growing and achieving its milestones. Updating our skills over new technologies and adapting industry standards quickly to give our customers the best always has been our priority. Apart from other projects now CettiWorks has started one interesting project on Bitcoin, the most popular crypto currency. We are super happy to develop this project and ready to take this project to next level. Lots of things are going on to make sure the security of the project is intact throughout, and on top of that, we have given it a priority that our product’s look & feel should be excellent and user friendly by using robust technologies. Quality is our pride and heart of our job. We have small videos and tutorials are there on YouTube to make it more user friendly for our customers. We are coming up with exciting new ideas and new thrilling ways to keep you always on your toes. Stay tuned.




CettiWorks News Update 8-1-17

Exciting things are going in the world of CettiWorks!!

Bet you want us to tell you the exciting news? Well, first let us tell you a little bit about the product itself that the CettiWorks team has created. It is a fully functional timekeeping management software product for a security company. This product allows admins and users to check-in and out of events they are working at; plus, it has an Admin dashboard where they can see who all is checked in.

Now for the exciting part of this our product was used to check in security guards at a “World Cup Soccer” match.


Integrating data with your back-end system is a vital part of your businesses productivity. Making sure you have the appropriate tools to accomplish this is what we do! Minimizing cumbersome manual tasks are what we live for!